Tohme Contracting

O-Ciel Ballroom

O-Ciel Ballroom

Project: O-Ciel Ballroom

Contractor: TOHME Contracting

Consultant: Apave


O-Ciel is a project that consists of two phases. The first phase handles all the renovation and restoration of the outdoor venue and bathroom. The works involved in this phase are pool renovation, all sanitary and electrical fixtures and designing bathroom walls. The second phase consists of the new indoor ballroom. This ballroom is made of steel structure laid on concrete foundations. This project covers several aspects of implementation works which include excavation, coring, concrete, waterproofing, electro-mechanical works, and all types of finishing works. TOHME Contracting was in charge of all aspect of the project until reaching the final result in which the facility was ready to be vacated. The completion of the project on time and within the budget is the most important feature in this project.