Tohme Contracting



In 1999 Tohme Contracting was established with a clear vision towards the future. Tohme Contracting set forth on a quest to carry out its mission of consistently providing the public, as well as the private sector, with quality contracting services that would enhance all engineering projects.

As we approached the new millennium, Tohme Contracting is proud to be ready to contribute its expertise and experience all over Lebanon. Therefore the company capital changed to LBP 200,000,000 fully paid.

Tohme Contracting’s successful record of relevant projects, completed as General Contractors is further enhanced by the many other projects where we have made a significant contribution as subcontractors.

The people at Tohme Contracting are dedicated to make the difference. Our greatest asset is our people. Their loyalty, dedication and integrity ensure that our services meet the highest standards guaranteeing satisfaction for our clients.

Tohme Contracting added to its achievements a newborn sister companies named ( NABCO, Tohmeproperties, Nextgenerationservices ) that provides contracting, private, and public services. These companies undertake commercial and industrial ventures as well. We have been licensed to work in all regions of Lebanon, Republic of Georgia, and The Republic of Congo.

Our focus on personnel has resulted in attracting the highest caliber of recruits. And an unusually low turnover of employees. Our senior management team continuously visits our field operations and they are personally involved in all aspects of our services.

Truly yours,

Nabih B.Tohme